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Post  NiamhLuvsJLS on Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:33 am

To open a collab, please read the following...

- The minimum amount of people in the collab is the host and 1 other!
- The maximum amount of people in the collab is the host and 5 others!
- Make sure when your hosting that you contact those taking part in your collab, with the DL(s) for their part(s) and make sure they give their part in time!
- Make sure your deadline isn't too quick, make sure people have enough time to do their parts!

When opening a collab the following should be on the thread...
1. A video (a parts video is best, but lyrics is fine).
2. List of people and their parts.
3. (optional) Download links - or you can just send them via PM on youtube.
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